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U.S. Army Headlines
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Former Sen. Dole, a decorated WWII veteran, promoted to colonelOpen in a New Window

Longtime politician Bob Dole, who was severely wounded in World War II by German gunfire, was honorably promoted to colonel Thursday in a private ceremony at the WWII Memorial.


Mad Scientist initiative helps illustrate 'realm of the possible'Open in a New Window

A Mad Scientist conference in Austin, Texas, recently addressed robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomy, the future of space, planetary habitability, and the legal and ethical dilemmas surrounding disruptive technologies.


New initiatives to cut cost, time for spouses to continue careersOpen in a New Window

The Army recently issued a directive to reduce the financial burden for spouses who wish to continue their professional careers after they move to a new duty station.


Augmented reality training on the horizon to give Soldiers edge in combatOpen in a New Window

The Army's new battlefield heads-up display, the Integrated Visual Augmentation System, will revolutionize the way Soldiers prepare for future conflicts, the Army's vice chief of staff told lawmakers Thursday.


Large cities see jump in recruitsOpen in a New Window

Virtual recruiting teams, outreach to civic leaders and 770 more recruiters on the ground are helping the Army sign up more new Soldiers this year in some of America's largest cities.


Eleven as One: Army soccer team unites to win goldOpen in a New Window

Col. Bernie Koelsch helped lead the Army soccer team to victory at the 2019 Armed Forces Men's Soccer Championship . Coach Koelsch felt that his team was special. He recalls the team's journey to win the gold.


Success of first SFAB in Afghanistan proves 'Army got it right,' commander saysOpen in a New Window

The 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade deployed in March 2018 to Afghanistan to carry out the inaugural mission for the newly-created SFAB concept. The brigade returned in November, and leaders say their experience there has proven successful what the Army hoped to accomplish with the new kind of training unit.


Army football reclaims Commander-in-Chief's Trophy at White HouseOpen in a New Window

President Donald Trump officially presented Army football players with the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy, which has been around since 1972 and is adorned with three silver footballs for each academy.


New capabilities, rotations to bolster Army presence in Eastern EuropeOpen in a New Window

Ongoing efforts to cut acquisition timelines will get new capabilities out sooner to counter near-peer threats in Eastern Europe, Army leaders told lawmakers Wednesday.


Big changes coming to the future of Army historyOpen in a New Window

The Army Center of Military History realigned under Army Training and Doctrine Command May 1 to better promote history at schoolhouses across the force, officials recently announced.


Army astronaut reflects on mission 250 miles above EarthOpen in a New Window

An Army astronaut on a six-month mission in space recently shared her experience, saying she still leans on her military training while aboard the International Space Station.


New voice-bridging system to streamline communications with alliesOpen in a New Window

The Army is developing a new device to simplify secure radio communications with allied partners. Known as the Radio Interoperability Capability-Universal, or RIC-U, the new device serves as an analog-to-digital voice bridge between allies and U.S. troops.


Aviation readiness up as units operate at 'warp speed'Open in a New Window

Army aviation readiness has climbed 15 percent over the past three years while units continue to work at "warp speed" to support missions across the world, leaders recently said.


Army considers additional multi-factor authentication measuresOpen in a New Window

The Army is looking into additional authentication measures to improve the security of information-technology systems while providing more options to access Army resources online. MFA requires users to prove their identity by presenting at least two points of verification across three major categories: something you know, something you have, and something you are, officials said.


Charting her path: Challenges made Army's Military Child of the Year strongerOpen in a New Window

One day she could be serving food to some of Detroit's 8,000 homeless or bringing blankets to patients at a children's hospital. Another she could be voluntarily cleaning trash by the roadside in one of city's pothole-filled streets ... Her dedication to the service of others helped earn Elisabeth the 2019 Army Military Child of the Year award from Operation Homefront.


McSally delivers keynote during 'National Discussion'Open in a New Window

Sen. Martha McSally from Arizona delivered the first keynote address during the National Discussion on Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment at America's Colleges, Universities, and Service Academies, which took place at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, April 4-5.


Incentives proposed to better retain, progress Army pilotsOpen in a New Window

With nearly 10 percent of aviators now leaving the Army, many of them for commercial airline jobs, the general in charge of the aviation branch said adjustments are needed to reduce the historic attrition rate.


Deadline to transfer GI Bill benefits coming this JulyOpen in a New Window

Soldiers with over 16 years of service who want to transfer their Post-9/11 GI Bill to a dependent must do so before July 12, or risk losing the education benefits.


Proposed budget balances current, future readinessOpen in a New Window

Budget plans strive to balance current and future readiness by maxing out combat training center rotations and funding new technology, senior leaders told lawmakers Tuesday.


Army increasing recruiting efforts to connect with youth in ChicagoOpen in a New Window

A recruiting pilot program in Chicago has increased the number of young men and women responding to the Army's messaging in that city by about 16 percent.


Army 'Shark Tank' enabling quick prototyping of new systemsOpen in a New Window

The Army Futures Command is working with industry to enable "quick prototyping" of new systems that will modernize the force, Secretary of the Army Mark T. Esper told lawmakers Tuesday.


Performance experts help wounded warriors at Army TrialsOpen in a New Window

Adaptive athletes at the Army Trials, March 6-15, were glad to have performance experts from Ready and Resilient centers coach them at Fort Bliss in mental skills such as visualization.


Small challenge: Breaking barriers for God and countryOpen in a New Window

As the only woman to serve as an Army Special Forces chaplain, Capt. Delana Small said the key to success was just being herself.


Selected Guard units to increase OPTEMPO in FY20Open in a New Window

As threats from near-peer adversaries grow, the fiscal year 2020 budget will allow some National Guard units to bump up their operational tempo, Army senior leaders told lawmakers Tuesday.


Army could select new Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft by 2020Open in a New Window

Source selection for the newest Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft, or FARA, is underway as the Army's Future Vertical Lift Cross-Functional Team looks to award two vendors in March 2020.


Trump awards Medal of Honor to Soldier who sacrificed it allOpen in a New Window

Travis Atkins didn't hesitate the June morning when he saw the insurgent reach for a suicide vest underneath his clothing. With his fellow Soldiers mere feet away, Atkins knew he had to act quickly before the enemy's bomb detonated, President Trump said before he presented the Medal of Honor to Atkins' family.


FY20 budget will fund childcare, family initiativesOpen in a New Window

During today's testimony, Army senior leaders told lawmakers their fiscal year 2020 request will not cut any programs supporting military families.


Guard, Reserve leaders provide cybersecurity updateOpen in a New Window

National Guard and Army Reserve units are providing valuable cyber capabilities for both combatant commanders and homeland security, leaders said, to include Guard security for elections.


New Academic Evaluation Report aims to better identify top performersOpen in a New Window

After more than half a century of Soldiers using the current Academic Evaluation Report, Army officials plan to release a new version this month in the form of a fillable PDF that can be uploaded immediately to the Soldier's record.


Satellite launch enhances comms for Army missionsOpen in a New Window

A high-capacity military communications satellite was launched Friday in an ongoing effort to provide ground troops with the ability to send larger transmissions quicker.


From homeless to national champ: Army athlete rises to top of USA boxingOpen in a New Window

As the two-time national middleweight champion, she has fought some of the world's best boxers to earn a No. 3 international ranking. But for a long time, Army athlete Naomi Graham had to fight her toughest opponent -- herself.


Giving back: Olympian aims to help Soldiers with concussionsOpen in a New Window

Olympic contender Josephine Pucci was finally beginning to recover from what she had thought would be a career-ending concussion when an inspiration hit her: She wanted to help others as she was being helped. It motivated her to take pre-med classes and eventually join the Army, where she's now studying at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.


Undersecretary outlines new budget plans for modernization prioritiesOpen in a New Window

As part of the release of the proposed fiscal year 2020 budget, more than $57 billion in a five-year defense plan will be dedicated to modernization and other signature Army programs, the Army's undersecretary said Thursday.


FY20 budget to boost air & missile defenseOpen in a New Window

The Army's budget request for fiscal year 2020 includes funding to field two "Iron Dome" air defense batteries and the first Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense battery of Stryker variants.


Soldiers learn cutting-edge features on first shipment of JLTVsOpen in a New Window

In January, the 3rd Infantry Division's 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team began to train operators and maintainers on the first shipment of Joint Light Tactical Vehicles.


10th Mountain Soldier to be posthumously awarded Medal of HonorOpen in a New Window

A 10th Mountain Division squad leader credited with saving the lives of three of his Soldiers by throwing himself atop a suicide bomber in Iraq will be posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.


New talent system to eye tech-savvy Soldiers for future networkOpen in a New Window

As the Army undergoes the largest modernization of its network in decades, technically skilled Soldiers may be placed in jobs outside their career fields to help push it forward, the Army's vice chief of staff said.


Future air & missile defense to provide seamless coverage for joint maneuver forcesOpen in a New Window

By 2028, the Army's Air and Missile Defense force must be agile, scalable, and capable of fighting in a series of complex, yet integrated attacks, according to the commanding general of Army Space and Missile Defense Command.


Army reveals plans to improve military housing to CongressOpen in a New Window

Army senior leaders introduced an action plan to lawmakers Thursday that outlines steps to remedy military housing issues.


Army returns life-saving helmet to Soldier, unveils new protective gearOpen in a New Window

On Monday, leaders at Program Executive Office Soldier presented Staff Sgt. Steven McQueen with his damaged Enhanced Combat Helmet during a personal protective equipment return ceremony. During an insider attack, McQueen was struck in the back of the helmet with a 7.62x54mm Russian round at a distance of about 20 feet.


Army FY20 budget proposal realigns $30 billionOpen in a New Window

The Army is slated to release its fiscal year 2020 budget request on March 12, which will include the realignment of nearly $30 billion to improve readiness and better support the Army's six modernization priorities.


Army takes down Marines to win Armed Forces wrestlingOpen in a New Window

The Army won seven of 10 matches Saturday against the Marine Corps to capture the Greco-Roman title and came back Sunday to beat the Marines in free-style wrestling to win the Armed Forces title in both disciplines for the 18th consecutive year.


3D printing technology enhancing logistics for ArmyOpen in a New Window

As 3D printing increases both in the field and at depots, the Army's Center of Excellence for Additive and Advanced Manufacturing is slated to reach initial operating capability this year at Rock Island Arsenal, Ill.


Army needs entrepreneurs, says under secretaryOpen in a New Window

The military needs innovative ideas from small businesses and entrepreneurs now more than ever, said Under Secretary of the Army Ryan D. McCarthy.


Army leaders mentor students at BEYAOpen in a New Window

Army senior leaders had an opportunity Friday to mentor high-school students in science, technology, engineering and math during the 33rd annual Black Engineer of the Year Awards STEM Global Competitiveness Conference.


Army may use nutritionists, sports trainers to boost readinessOpen in a New Window

The Army may soon place nutritionists, physical therapists and sports trainers at the unit level to improve individual readiness, said Secretary of the Army Mark T. Esper.


Army aligning modernization programs with other servicesOpen in a New Window

The Army collaborates now more than ever with the Air Force and Navy, and development of a hypersonic weapon is a good example, senior leaders said on a panel Friday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.


ARCHIEzzle tells Soldier's story on YouTubeOpen in a New Window

Serving as a recruiter in Brentwood, California, Staff Sgt. Archie Masibay, also known as ARCHIEzzle, highlights Army topics that inform, entertain, and motivate others. And while "Archiezzle" is just an online persona, Masibay interacts with his YouTube and other social media community to answer questions potential recruits may have before joining the Army.


Senior leaders discuss upcoming moves to ease family concernsOpen in a New Window

Senior Army leaders highlighted Tuesday actions now taking place to address concerns brought up by family members four months ago during a town hall.


Quality of life, retention, among service prioritiesOpen in a New Window

As service members continue to be heavily tasked overseas, separation from families and the impact of deployments on children rank as top areas of concern, a Blue Star Family survey revealed.


Bor brothers lead Army to cross country championshipOpen in a New Window

Sgt. Emmanuel Bor led the Army men's team to gold in the Armed Forces Cross Country Championship Feb. 2 and said he was motivated by running with his younger brother and Olympian, Staff Sgt. Hillary Bor, who finished third.


Army offers more flexibility with new parental leave policyOpen in a New Window

The Army has doubled the amount of parental leave available to fathers and other secondary caregivers of newborn infants with a policy that also provides more leave flexibility for mothers.


Trapped, Soldiers endure brutal firefight during siege of HueOpen in a New Window

The ferocity of the Tet Offensive on Jan. 30, 1968, surprised most Americans, including service members manning the American Forces television station in Hue, Vietnam. After a five-day standoff, it became the only AFN station ever overrun by enemy forces.


Army Reserve chief: Balance is key to retentionOpen in a New Window

Lt. Gen. Charles D. Luckey, commanding general of U.S. Army Reserve Command and chief of the Army Reserve, addressed retention and a wide range of other topics during a Defense Writer's Group breakfast Tuesday at George Washington University.


A harrowing tale of the Tet OffensiveOpen in a New Window

On Jan. 30, 1968, the Vietnam War escalated as enemy forces launched surprise attacks during the country's New Year holiday. About 85,000 North Vietnamese army fighters and Viet Cong guerrillas attacked over 100 cities and towns in South Vietnam in an attempt to break a stalemate in the war.


Secretary Esper: 'Renaissance' budget to boost modernizationOpen in a New Window

In anticipation of a future "high-intensity conflict" against a strategic competitor like Russia or China, the Army plans "big changes" in its fiscal year 2020 budget, said Secretary of the Army Mark T. Esper.


Thousands apply to join new Army esports teamOpen in a New Window

Over 6,500 Soldiers are already hoping to be part of a new Army esports team that will compete in video game tournaments nationwide in an effort to attract potential recruits.


AI could be game-changer for combat, says acquisition chiefOpen in a New Window

The Army is looking at artificial intelligence to increase lethality, and Dr. Bruce Jette said the key to A.I. is keeping a proper level of decision-making in the hands of Soldiers.


King's teachings inspire general to be a better leader, personOpen in a New Window

Growing up in the segregated south, Lt. Gen. Aundre Piggee recalled his first experience with racism many African-American children faced at the time. While he would go on to encounter other acts of discrimination, this one hurt the most, he said.


Army gains in readiness are just the beginning, chief of staff saysOpen in a New Window

Full manning at operational units, fewer nondeployable Soldiers, and a boost in training across the Army are all on the horizon to ensure the force is ready to fight, the Army's top officer said Wednesday.


'Therapy on ice' helps vets heal, give back to communityOpen in a New Window

Members of the Capital Beltway Warriors hockey team help each other cope with injuries and stress while donating countless hours to other community organizations.


New graphic novellas to educate Soldiers, families on future cyber threatsOpen in a New Window

Keeping with the Army's legacy of producing visual literature to improve readiness, the Army Cyber Institute at West Point, New York, has partnered with Arizona State University Threatcasting Lab to produce a series of graphic novellas.


Oldest American man, WWII veteran to be buried at historic cemeteryOpen in a New Window

Richard Overton, a 112-year-old World War II veteran who lived to be the oldest American man, will be laid to rest Saturday at a historic cemetery in his hometown of Austin following days of tributes across the nation.


New fitness test, uniforms ranked top stories of 2018Open in a New Window

This past year, the Army rolled out several programs and policies to boost the readiness of its Soldiers as well as prepare them for life after the military. A pair of combat veterans also received the military's highest honor, and a new World War II-style uniform was brought back.


Futures Command tops 2018 modernization storiesOpen in a New Window

The Army initiated many changes this year to help modernize the service, bolster readiness, and increase lethality.


Sustainable energy projects help Army garner awardOpen in a New Window

A solar power plant with energy-storage capability that went online this year at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, and a biofuel power plant at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, were among projects that helped the Army gain recognition in 2018 with an award from the Federal Energy Management Program.


Time running out to opt into Blended Retirement SystemOpen in a New Window

Less than a month remains for Soldiers to opt into the Blended Retirement System and so far only 19 percent of those eligible have switched to the new plan.


MIT cadet earns two bronze medals in elite martial arts competitionOpen in a New Window

Last month, Cadet Lucy Lee traveled to Myanmar where she captured two bronze medals in the Taolu World Cup, an elite Wushu martial arts competition.


Cadets revel in annual rivalry as Army wins third straight against NavyOpen in a New Window

The Army Black Knights football team upended Navy 17-10 and held off a late Midshipmen surge Saturday night. It was the No. 22 Black Knights' third straight win over their rival.


Army awards outstanding community partnershipsOpen in a New Window

Five installations and two National Guard commands partnered with neighboring organizations this year on projects and services that earned them recognition Tuesday in the Pentagon.


Snipers test improved ghillie suitOpen in a New Window

Sniper-qualified Soldiers from across the Army gathered Nov. 5-8 at Eglin Air Force Base, Flordia, to conduct the visual testing portion of the bench-top evaluation for the Improved Ghillie System, or IGS.


Soldiers help with relief efforts after Hurricane MichaelOpen in a New Window

Army Diving School students and instructors helped clear driveways, move fallen trees and transport elderly and handicapped residents in Panama City, Florida, following Hurricane Michael.


In son's honor, Army family raises $42,000 to help grant wishes for childrenOpen in a New Window

Shortly after their son's death, Maj. Jeremy Caldwell's wife found information on a 14-week hiking and fundraising challenge to raise funds for the nonprofit organization that granted a final wish for their son.


Cyber-strategy competitions helping develop future leadersOpen in a New Window

The U.S. Military Academy fields a cyber-policy competition team to help cultivate future leaders and their understanding of cyber strategy. The team participates in the Atlantic Council's Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenges and other cyber competitions.


Guardsman helps save girl in mall shootingOpen in a New Window

Pfc. Rashad Billingsly was shopping Black Friday at the Riverchase Galleria mall in Hoover, Alabama, when he heard two distinct gunshots over the sound of the crowd.


Native American helps Soldiers find solaceOpen in a New Window

On certain mornings during her 28 years in the Army, Command Sgt. Maj. Julia Kelly would take her troops outdoors, where she could feel the cool air cursing through her lungs and the warmth of the sunshine upon her cheeks.


Galloping to help veteransOpen in a New Window

Completing the frigid 4-mile "Galloping Gobbler" race Saturday morning in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with a 50-pound rucksack was more than about staying in shape for Sgt. 1st Class John Garrett.


Throwback to WWII, Army Greens uniform aims to instill pride in today's generationOpen in a New Window

The Army plans to issue a new World War II-style uniform starting the summer of 2020, as senior leaders look to sharpen the professional appearance of Soldiers and inspire others to join them.


Troops receive 150 tons of good eats in advance of ThanksgivingOpen in a New Window

Troops protecting the United States' southern border and serving overseas will still get a "taste of home" on Thanksgiving thanks to 300,000 pounds of traditional holiday food transported to field kitchens, dining facilities and galleys around the globe.


Cyber force looks to grow with boost to electronic warfareOpen in a New Window

With the cyber domain expected to see constant battles in future warfare, new efforts are underway to strengthen the Army's cyber force so it can defend forward against adversaries.


Modernization, people needed to drive Army's cyber capabilitiesOpen in a New Window

With an increase in digital connectivity and a rapid development of technologies, such as advanced computing, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence, the character of war has changed, making cyberspace a critical battlefield of the 21st century and beyond, the U.S. Military Academy superintendent said Wednesday. A-84299839-1


Telling stories through dance, Army veteran shares Native American cultureOpen in a New Window

The grassy hill surrounding the arena is packed full of spectators and family members. The emcee calls out a dancer's name; there's movement in the crowd. The competitor makes it into the arena, throws out his hoops for his sequence.


Connecting to those who fought for usOpen in a New Window

A century ago on this date, an armistice was signed to end World War I -- the war to end all wars. History has shown, though, that conflict did not stop with that agreement. Through the decades, America has fought many other times in support of its ideals.


Army generals engage with cadets in annual development conferenceOpen in a New Window

In partnership with U.S. Army Cadet Command, Army senior leaders, active and retired, a unique opportunity to interact and coach the future generation of agile and adaptive leaders from 20 universities and seven Junior ROTC programs during the Army Senior Leader Development Conference at Howard University, Nov. 7.


Afghan-born Soldier returns home to be advisor for new Army unitOpen in a New Window

KABUL, Afghanistan -- As an Afghan-American linguist, Sgt. Zabi Abraham strives to help the two countries he loves.


Army must update logistics operations as part of modernization efforts, lieutenant general saysOpen in a New Window

FORT MEADE, Md. -- Autonomous vehicles and brigade combat teams that will be able to sustain themselves for a week in the field were among initiatives outlined by the Army's G-4, Lt. Gen. Aundre Piggee, Nov. 6.


World War I African-American veteran inspired grandson, now Army Reserve deputy chief, to serveOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- The impetus to serve in the military quite often comes through family connections and conversations.


Soldiers who immortalized Vietnam valor on film return to PentagonOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- Much of the excellent photography and motion pictures of the Vietnam War were captured by the troops themselves, not just by the civilian news media, said former Army Capt. William D. San Hamel.


Future Vertical Lift projects to build on recent progressOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- Future Vertical Lift projects are primed to expand on recent progress this fiscal year as the Army searches to replace its aging fleets of helicopters.


Army developing new enhanced night vision goggles, squad rifles to increase Soldier lethalityOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- The Army is slated to release the newest Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular to a select number of combat units sometime in fiscal year 2019, according to the Soldier Lethality Cross-Functional Team officials.


Army to fuse laser technology onto air defense systemOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- U.S. forces have long held a strategic advantage in ballistic missile defense dating back to the Operation Desert Storm era, Army leaders said.


Invictus athlete motivated to adapt and overcomeOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- Spc. Stephanie Johnson has been working hard to prepare for the Invictus Games that will take place Oct. 20-27 in Sydney, Australia.


Second phase of Multi-Domain Task Force pilot headed to EuropeOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- After recent testing of multi-domain operations in the Pacific, the Army now plans to expand its future warfighting concept to Europe this coming fiscal year.


Spouse employment tied to Soldier lethalityOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- Since taking on her role as the second lady, Karen Pence has made a concerted effort to listen and learn from the military spouse community, seeking an opportunity to make a difference.


Senior leaders tackle Army Family concerns in town hallOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- The Army's top leaders held a town hall meeting Tuesday to address issues voiced by Family members, including substandard moving companies, jobs for spouses and possible health concerns in older on-base homes.


After hitting milestones, Futures Command looks ahead to moreOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- In just a year, the Army Futures Command has officially stood up, opened a headquarters in the Texas capital, and created a group of cross-functional teams currently working to streamline an outdated acquisition process.


Army strives to better enable small businesses in seminarOpen in a New Window

As Army leaders push modernization and acquisition reform, efforts are underway to make it easier for small businesses to step up and fill in gaps.


Winners of Best Warrior contest announced, earn NCO, Soldier of the Year titlesOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- The 22 Soldiers had barely settled into their rooms at Fort Lee, Virginia, when they faced their first test of the annual Best Warrior competition.


Innovators share ideas to modernize Army as part of new competitionOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- Twenty-five small companies plan to discuss their innovative ideas this week while competing to secure a portion of nearly $2 million as part of a new Army campaign to get after emerging technology that could help Soldiers in future warfare.


WCAP Soldier wins Army Ten-Miler in debut, Tanui repeats as top female finisherOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- Competing in his first Army Ten-Miler against 35,000 registered runners didn't faze Spc. Frankline Tonui. He and World Class Athlete Program teammate, Sgt. Evans Kirwa, led the pack for most of the race on a warm October Sunday morning.


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