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U.S. Army Headlines
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Temporary changes to retention, promotion, as COVID-19 persistsOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON – Army leaders announced new reenlistment and promotion policies until Sept. 30, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues changing how the military...


Army seeks retired medical Soldiers to support COVID-19 effortsOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- More than 14,000 retired Soldiers have already shown interest in returning to active duty after the Army recently reached out to over 800,...


Army engineers now eyeing 100-plus sites for COVID-19 responseOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- The Army Corps of Engineers has identified over 110 sites across the country it could retrofit to help local hospitals deal with patient o...


Joint team ensures hypersonic test successOpen in a New Window

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- A flight test of the joint Army-Navy hypersonic glide vehicle across the Pacific March 19 was a success thanks to a dedicated...


Army to help convert vacant buildings into hospitals as COVID-19 spreadsOpen in a New Window

ARLINGTON, Va. – Army leaders announce plans to quickly convert unused buildings into “ICU-like facilities” across 13 states, starting with 10,000 beds...


Army makes exceptions to enlisted promotion policy during COVID-19 outbreak Open in a New Window

LEAD PHOTO – PROMOTION IMAGE WASHINGTON -- In response to the COVID-19 [DS1] outbreak, the Army has initiated several policy exceptions [DS2] that will...


Army to test new tech program at select schoolsOpen in a New Window

The Army plans to implement a new cybersecurity and tech education program for high school students enrolled in junior ROTC programs.


Recruits may get pay before BCT, in-person recruiting halts amid COVID-19 Open in a New Window

FORT KNOX, KY – Some recruits will receive active-duty pay ahead of initial training, says Top Army leaders, as recruiters move to a 100% virtual platfo...


Army working to develop COVID-19 vaccines as force preps its response Open in a New Window

FORT DETRICK, Md. -- The U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command and U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases are aiding i...


Soldiers on PCS orders can now request to stay extra year at duty stationOpen in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- Soldiers preparing for a permanent change-of-station move can now request to stay at their current duty station for up to a year, as the A...


New allowances for Soldiers, families affected by COVID-19Open in a New Window

WASHINGTON -- The Army has rolled out new allowances for Soldiers and families facing official travel delays or in quarantine amid the COVID-19 virus ou...


Army grappling with COVID-19 head-on, says Army secretary Open in a New Window

ARLINGTON, VA – More than 2,000 Guardsmen are taking on COVID-19 as it continues sweeping the globe, while safety remains a top priority during this unc...


Former basketball player vying for Olympics in TaekwondoOpen in a New Window

By Joe Lacdan, Army News Service Russell Gresham towered over his Iranian opponent as he studied his adversary under bright gymnasium lights. Long arms...


G-2: Intel, cyber Soldiers 'duking it out' daily with enemyOpen in a New Window

The Army's senior intelligence officer likened intelligence and cyber Soldiers to those in the combat arms since they fight on networks everyday with adversaries.


Retired general receives Presidential Medal of FreedomOpen in a New Window

A former four-star general who served as the Army's vice chief of staff was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom during a ceremony Tuesday at the White House.


Soldier-centered approach helping lead ground modernization effortsOpen in a New Window

Nearly two years into its largest modernization overhaul in four decades, the Army looks to continue its momentum of developing new ground systems centered on input from Soldiers. Testifying before the House Armed Services Committee's tactical air an...


Army looks to leverage 'low Earth orbit' satellitesOpen in a New Window

Constellations of small satellites orbiting close to Earth may provide faster communications and be less vulnerable than traditional geosynchronous satellites, defense officials said Thursday.


Top SMDC officer uses drone-zapping lasers, says missile defense remains top focusOpen in a New Window

With less than 90 days into the job, the Army's senior air defender has already taken on multiple tasks as the battlefield beyond Earth is increasingly filled with new threats.


Army budgets target transformational changeOpen in a New Window

In February, the force released its "Fiscal Year 2019-2021 Accomplishments and Investment Plan" shortly after announcement of the Army's FY21 budget request. The FY19-21 plan outlines how the Army is targeting its top priorities of readiness, moderni...


Army Reserve mobile app to keep Soldiers connected to unitsOpen in a New Window

The Army Reserve's mobile application, the Double Eagle, is now being developed by the 75th Innovation Command, lawmakers were told last Tuesday.


COVID-19: Army stands readyOpen in a New Window

The Army is taking the necessary steps to combat the spread of COVID-19, all while simultaneously implementing measures to treat personnel impacted by the disease, the Army's top medical officer said Thursday.


Hypersonic tests, modernization top Army budget requestOpen in a New Window

The Army will test-fire multiple land-based hypersonic missiles later this year, said Secretary of the Army Ryan D. McCarthy, as leaders zero in on their 2023 goal to deliver high-speed munitions that "fly further, hit their targets, and increase rea...


DOD working to add key provisions to tenant bill of rightsOpen in a New Window

The tenant bill of rights, signed by Defense senior leaders last week, may soon include three more key provisions to help rebuild trust about privatized housing, officials said Tuesday.


Army now accepting applications for next astronautOpen in a New Window

The Army is currently searching for candidates to be its next astronaut. And whether enlisted, warrant officer or a regular officer, any Soldier who is qualified can apply.


SMA: Empowered junior NCOs crucial to increasing lethalityOpen in a New Window

Junior non-commissioned officers know the pulse of their squads. They're at the ground level, they interact daily with their Soldiers and set the tone, the Army's top enlisted leader said. To empower them, they need to be allowed to make and learn fr...


IPPS-A integration to hit key milestone in MarchOpen in a New Window

The Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army is now live in 43 states, as the force draws closer to full integration across the National Guard with 11 more states and territories to go. Full IPPS-A integration across the Guard under "release 2" of th...


Army leaders expand 'war for talent' initiativesOpen in a New Window

Army leaders issued a call-to-arms Monday for stakeholders to build on talent management initiatives to enable more improvements to how the force recruits, retains, and forges ahead into the information age.


CASAs' unique skill sets support Army's goalsOpen in a New Window

Almost 100 civilian aides to the secretary of the Army from across the U.S. and territories are attending the annual CASA conference in Washington this week where they hear from senior Army leaders and exchange ideas on how to help potential recruits...


Army launches enlisted assignment market for select career fieldsOpen in a New Window

Armor, military intelligence and some quartermaster Soldiers will be the first to test the new Assignment Satisfaction Key-Enlisted Marketplace pilot program that launches in June, G-1 officials said during a Facebook Town Hall Monday. UA-842...


Army astronaut swears in recruits in first-ever ceremony from spaceOpen in a New Window

An Army astronaut swore in nearly 1,000 recruits from space Wednesday as part of the first nationwide Oath of Enlistment ceremony from the International Space Station.


Program places 96% of separating SoldiersOpen in a New Window

Last year, the Army's Career Skills Programs helped 4,782 Soldiers transition from military service into a civilian career, according to Installation Management Command officials. Army's CSP had a 96% employment placement rate in 2019 and has given t...


Army scientists develop cutting-edge, durable 3D printing technologyOpen in a New Window

Army scientists are on the brink of a pioneering additive-manufacturing technology to help Soldiers quickly swap out broken plastic components with durable 3D printed replacements in the field, says a top Army researcher.


Changes to promotion process provide officers more career flexibilityOpen in a New Window

The Army has initiated changes to its promotion process, allowing qualified officers a chance to "opt-in" for early promotion consideration, Army Talent Management Task Force leaders said Thursday.


New capabilities highlight Army's list of critical protective eyewearOpen in a New Window

Lt. Col. Ginger Whitehead has seen the gruesome consequences when Soldiers chose to don eyewear that didn't appear on the Army's authorized list.


Three decades of mentoring honored by BEYAOpen in a New Window

After 34 years of mentoring, Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford has been selected for the 2020 Black Engineer of the Year Award -- only the second Army officer to receive the BEYA honor.


Army working improvements for Exceptional Family Member ProgramOpen in a New Window

To improve assignment and case coordination for families enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program, the Army's Human Resources Command has been developing a web-based system where support staff and families will be able to access cloud-based...


Army leaders save $1.2 billion to fund modernization pushOpen in a New Window

Army leaders have issued a full list of programs eliminated or reduced during the latest "night court" review, designed to help fund modernization priorities amid the Fiscal Year 2021 budget request.


User feedback to improve assignment system before next cycleOpen in a New Window

Improvements to the Assignment Interactive Module known as AIM 2.0 will ensure an even better user experience before the next assignment cycle, leaders said.


Army budget request eyes $2B boost for modernizationOpen in a New Window

The Army proposes to add over $2 billion to its modernization efforts next fiscal year that will help continue to develop hypersonic missiles, future aircraft and combat vehicles.


Army doubles amount for spouse licensure reimbursementOpen in a New Window

Last summer, Army spouse Kamyar Haghayeghi left his job as an internal medicine physician in Maryland to follow his wife to San Antonio, Texas.


FY21 budget request focuses on readiness, modernization, peopleOpen in a New Window

The Army released its Fiscal Year 2021 budget request Monday for $178 billion, which includes a 3% increase in basic pay for Soldiers. If approved, Soldiers could also see a boost in housing and subsistence allowances by 2.9 and 2.3% respectively. ...


AMC evaluating power-projection capabilities in Defender-Europe 20Open in a New Window

The Army's strength lies in its capacity to project power, which is why the force is evaluating its ability to move, gather, reposition, and sustain large-scale combat capabilities throughout exercise Defender-Europe 20.


New technology recognizes faces in the dark, far awayOpen in a New Window

Army scientists are on the verge of perfecting facial-recognition technology that can identify figures in the dark, by applying thermal imagery and artificial intelligence to match features with existing databases.


Survey says: Army best place to work in DODOpen in a New Window

The results are in, and the Army clenched the title of top civilian employer across the Defense Department -- and ranks seventh among large federal agencies -- according to the 2019 Best Places to Work rankings.


Army scientists on verge of nearly unbreakable batteryOpen in a New Window

During an era of modernized warfare, a small cadre of Army scientists have pioneered an all but invincible, lightweight battery set to roll-out by 2024, officials say, with Soldier feedback expected next year.


Vice chief of staff: Speed of modernization no longer at 'glacial pace'Open in a New Window

In his first six months on the job, the Army's vice chief of staff said the speed of an improved acquisition process has impressed him the most when it comes to tackling modernization.


Army pilot program focuses on quality of life at three 'austere' postsOpen in a New Window

The Army has initiated a pilot program that targets quality-of-life improvements at Fort Irwin, California; Fort Polk, Louisiana; and Fort Wainwright, Alaska, said Army Materiel Command's top officer Tuesday.


World War II veteran set to make his NFL debutOpen in a New Window

Dressed in his old Army uniform, former Staff Sgt. Odón Cardenas, a World War II veteran, will join a handful of other veterans during the Super Bowl coin toss ceremony, in Miami, Florida. He will be accompanied on the field by one of his sons, forme...


Army space embraces major changes as new battlefield emergesOpen in a New Window

Thousands of students across the Army and Defense Department enroll in space-related courses each year through the SMDC schoolhouse. Last year, instructors taught nearly 16,000 students in Colorado Springs and at home-station training. UA-8429...


SMA to Soldiers: 'Understand the people around you'Open in a New Window

To help build cohesion among units throughout the Army, Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael Grinston encourages Soldiers to adopt a culture similar to those found in Special Forces units.


Army leaders examine quality of life in AlaskaOpen in a New Window

Senior Army leaders -- driven to enrich the morale and quality of life for troops and families stationed in the great North -- have launched multiple short- and long-term initiatives at Army Alaska to bolster the spirits of arctic warriors. ...


New AER program to offer $1,500 for out-of-pocket childcare costsOpen in a New Window

Army Emergency Relief will begin providing up to $1,500 on Feb. 1 to help cover childcare costs for Soldiers and families who move to a new duty station.


More than half of officers receive top choice in first ATAP cycleOpen in a New Window

The first assignment cycle for the Army Talent Alignment Process saw nearly all eligible officers and units participate, while orders are now beginning to be released one week ahead of schedule, the Army's human resources chief said.


ACFT app rolls out to help Soldiers get fit, protect their dataOpen in a New Window

The Army recently renovated its physical readiness training -- or PRT -- mobile app to give Soldiers a leg up on the new Army Combat Fitness Test, and the app continues to safeguard users' personal information while on-the-go.


Army updates Law of Land Warfare doctrine to increase guidance, clarityOpen in a New Window

To help Soldiers to better understand the complex rules of war, the Army has released Field Manual 6-27, the Commander's Handbook on the Law of Land Warfare.


Officers vie for battalion command positions under new assessment processOpen in a New Window

With the launch of the new Battalion Commander Assessment Program, the Army is currently evaluating close to 800 lieutenant colonels and majors at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville and Maj. Gen. Joseph McGee, Army Talent...


Documenting history: Former Soldier and AFN broadcaster recalls fall of Berlin WallOpen in a New Window

Serving as an Army broadcaster with the American Forces Network in the 80s, then-Spc. Charlie Gill was about to depart from AFN headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, when "history happened" and he began to broadcast the fall of the Berlin Wall. ...


Army sweeps USA Cross Country ChampionshipsOpen in a New Window

Army men swept gold through bronze with the top three times in the USA Track and Field Cross Country Championships Saturday at Mission Bay Park in southern California. The Armed Forces Cross Country Championship was run concurrently with the USATF 10...


Army's cloud office set to fully operate by MarchOpen in a New Window

The Army's Enterprise Cloud Management Office is set to be in full swing by March, said the service's chief information officer, following the force's data strategy push to modernize and safeguard its networks against great-power competitors. U...


Army leaders recognize top recruiters for recent successOpen in a New Window

Army leaders honored some of the force's top recruiters at a ceremony Wednesday for their efforts in placing nearly 200 recruits in uniform during the first quarter of this fiscal year.


CSA: 'Transformational change' necessary to fight, win future conflictsOpen in a New Window

The Army must engage in "transformational change" -- not incremental improvements -- to achieve overmatch, deter great-power competition, and win the future fight, said Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville.


Army recognizes top career counselors for helping achieve retention goalsOpen in a New Window

Army leaders recognized 11 career counselors for being amongst the best in their career field in retaining experienced and qualified Soldiers.


New vertical lift capabilities take flight during demoOpen in a New Window

The Army secretary along with senior Army officials joined industry leaders last week to get a closer look at cutting-edge capabilities for future vertical lift ahead of the fiscal year 2030 goal to replace the UH-60 Black Hawk.


IG to Soldiers: 'Every one of us has a responsibility' to honor MLK legacyOpen in a New Window

Growing up in the South, Lt. Gen. Leslie Smith said he felt the impact of the civil rights movement inspired by the late Martin Luther King Jr.


Nominee for Army under secretary vows to boost quality of life across forceOpen in a New Window

The nominee to be Army's next under secretary testified before Congress Thursday, pledging to confront four challenges now seen across the service.


Back in session: 'Night court' reinvesting more funds for modernization goalsOpen in a New Window

As the Army continues reshaping, "night court" sessions once again realigned funds to finance modernization priorities, and according to the Army's top civilian official, the fiscal probe isn't going anywhere.


Virtual career expo aims to reduce spousal unemploymentOpen in a New Window

The Army's Soldier for Life Program plans to host an online job fair for all military spouses this Wednesday, as part of the service's push to place more in the workforce.


More deployments, stronger presence set for Pacific, says SecArmyOpen in a New Window

Soldiers can count on more rotations to the Indo-Pacific beginning this year as the Army expands the scope, duration and scale of deployments there.


Soldier pierces through snow to improve life in AntarcticaOpen in a New Window

Army Sgt. 1st Class Peter Yokel was part of a team that recently upgraded cable equipment at McMurdo Station and the nearby Black Island communications facility in Antarctica, bringing television service to more Americans on the isolated continent. ...


Mentally and physically strong: Work ethic carries Army veterinarianOpen in a New Window

Whether treating military working dogs or conducting physical fitness training, Capt. Danica Goodheart dedicates 110 percent. Her efforts paid off in August when she won a bodybuilding competition.


New entrance test to increase Soldier quality, reduce attritionOpen in a New Window

A new military entrance exam is now being given to Army recruits to predict performance, behaviors, attitude, and attrition of potential Soldiers. The pilot program is designed to see how the Army can get best-fit recruits, even in jobs that require...


Five siblings spend last holiday season together before basic trainingOpen in a New Window

As the holiday season came to a close, Spc. Austin and Pfc. Haley Wierzbicki cherished the last moments they had with their family in Walnut, Illinois, before returning to their respective duty stations to start the new year. As a close-knit family o...


Commissaries, exchanges welcoming more veterans in 2020Open in a New Window

Beginning New Year's Day, commissary and exchange facilities across the Department of Defense will open their doors to more than 4.1 million additional veterans nationwide, Army officials said.


Top 2019 Soldiers' stories range from saving lives to spotlighting fitnessOpen in a New Window

Some of the biggest stories of the year highlighted people, "the Army's No. 1 resource," as emphasized by senior leaders.


NetWars competition tests knowledge, skills of military cyber warriorsOpen in a New Window

The Army was represented well during this year's NetWars competition, designed to provide training and assess the proficiencies of cyber personnel.


Army veteran makes 300 wooden toys for needy childrenOpen in a New Window

Since the 1970s, Army veteran Jim Annis has been a real-life Santa to the children in his community.


Simon Sinek talks leadership at Army Profession ForumOpen in a New Window

What can a motivational speaker from the private sector teach the Army about leadership? Maybe more than we think. Building effective teams, whether in business or the military, is about building trust, says best-selling author Simon Sinek. UA...


New marketing job lets officers steward Army brandOpen in a New Window

Starting early next year, officers looking for a new calling may discover one as marketers. Last week, the Army's latest functional area began selecting eligible Soldiers and the application process will run through Jan. 19. UA...


Newly-minted officers look forward to taking Army to next levelOpen in a New Window

The journey to the Officer Corps had a few bumps along the way for Jackie Berry.


West Point seniors forge ahead after final Army-Navy gameOpen in a New Window

As the stadium emptied following the 120th Army-Navy game, its conclusion marked the last time many of the West Point players would wear their college football uniform. But it also brought them one step closer in their Army journey.


Top stories of 2019: ESB, bonuses to talent managementOpen in a New Window

This past year, the Army approved standards for the Army Combat Fitness Test, introduced a new proficiency badge and altered how it promotes Soldiers. The Army also began the groundwork to better manage its talent, while a leadership shuffle brought...


Recruiting, retention key to more force diversityOpen in a New Window

The Army is more diverse, talented, and lethal than ever, says a top personnel officer, with more strives yet to be made in recruiting and retention.


Army seniors hope to complete four-year sweep of Navy in rivalry gameOpen in a New Window

Since his fellow cadets stormed Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium in 2016 after Army ended Navy's 14-game winning streak, Ryan Velez waited for his chance to play in the storied Army-Navy game.


New procurement practice saves $1.2B for modernizationOpen in a New Window

The Army has saved about $1.2 billion over the past year using a process called "category management" for purchasing goods and services, a top acquisition official said, adding those savings will be redirected toward modernizing the force.


Third IVAS evaluation slated for JulyOpen in a New Window

The Army just conducted a test of the Integrated Visual Augmentation System in November and plans to conduct a third evaluation in July to inform a low-rate initial production decision by 2021.


Partnership program highlights bonds between Army, cities nationwideOpen in a New Window

Beneath the shadow of Mount Ascension, lying in the vast expanse of Montana's wilderness, a community of Soldiers joined a staff of 10 civilians to help preserve the outdoor land many veterans use to exercise, hike and enjoy.


Infantry brigade finds success through new officer assignment processOpen in a New Window

Through the Army Talent Alignment Process, officers now have more ownership over their careers and no longer need to wait for Army Human Resources Command to divvy out assignments. Using the Assignment Interactive Module 2.0 marketplace, the 10th Mou...


Guard brigade recounts successes in AfghanistanOpen in a New Window

Lt. Col. Matt Johnston and Sgt. 1st Class Nicholas Nigro noticed a stark difference in the Afghan national defense forces this time around.


Surgeon general reaffirms promise of quality care during DHA transferOpen in a New Window

The military's top health officials testified before Congress Thursday on the ongoing transfer of healthcare systems to the Defense Health Agency.


New Army Contract Writing System pilot to launch in 2020Open in a New Window

The Army Corps of Engineers will be the first organization to test the new Army Contract Writing System in February, a top procurement official said Wednesday.


Advanced manufacturing techniques set to cut costs, timelinesOpen in a New Window

The Army's advanced manufacturing push intends to cut production timelines and costs throughout the lifecycle of systems, said an Army acquisition officer.


Growing concern over information warfare continues to shape militaryOpen in a New Window

As the distribution rate of information around the globe continues to increase, the quantity of misleading information that is used to alter public perception and inherently disrupt a population's thought process is a significant concern, officials s...


Army approves coyote brown caps for ACUsOpen in a New Window

Soldiers now have more color choices while wearing fleece caps -- but it's at their commander's discretion.


Florida man drops 160 pounds to fulfill Army dreamOpen in a New Window

Just a year ago, Christian Montijo was a different man. In fact, he was almost twice the man he is today. Overweight and realizing his unhealthy habits, the 28-year-old banker from Kissimmee, Fla., set a goal to transform himself. And, if he could, r...


SecArmy, senator tour Fort Belvoir amid housing concernsOpen in a New Window

Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy invited a top lawmaker to Fort Belvoir Monday, to hear military families concerns and observe housing issues in person, ahead of this week's senate hearing.


Army pursuing improved realism in live and virtual trainingOpen in a New Window

Synthetic Training Environment partners are discussing dynamic occlusion and other STE challenges during the 2019 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference this week in Orlando, Florida.


Military academies unite with universities in ongoing sexual harassment preventionOpen in a New Window

Eliminating sexual assault and sexual harassment from the nation's service academies and universities may be a monumental task, said university administrators last week, but combating the threat remains high priority for Secretary of the Army Mark Es...


Senior leaders testify on progress to remedy military housingOpen in a New Window

The Army's top leaders updated lawmakers Tuesday on progress being made to fix problems seen in privatized military housing.


Native American, Vietnam gunner lives by warrior cultureOpen in a New Window

Ernie Wensaut, a former Army machine gunner for the 1st Infantry Division, was born in a traditional Potawatomi tribal family home, on their reservation in Wisconsin.


USA wins triathlon gold in ChinaOpen in a New Window

In the final competition of the World Military Games in China, USA's Judith Coyle finished the triathlon in 2:10:48 to win a gold medal Sunday in the women's senior division and propel her mixed senior team to a silver medal.


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